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Meet the Team - Emily Hinderaker, Marketing Specialist at Punch Through

Meet Emily Hinderaker – Marketing Team

At Punch Through, we encourage everyone to proudly be themselves and want you to know the people behind the work that we’re so proud of. That’s why we launched our “Meet the Team” series, where we introduce you to one of our team members each month

Meet Emily, a marketing specialist who helps create and deliver marketing programs. In her free time, she enjoys socializing at a distance with friends and family, playing Tiger Woods Golf ‘10, finding new hobbies, reading, and trying to teach her cat, Pickles, new tricks.

What were you doing before working at Punch Through?

I graduated from Marquette University with a BA in Communication Studies. I was a late bloomer in that I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do when I was younger. I changed my Major quite a bit and finally landed on Communication Studies because I’ve always enjoyed talking to people. 

During my time in college, I learned that communication is really important in life, especially in business. So after college, I worked numerous jobs in sales. While I enjoyed meeting new people, communicating how whatever I was selling would help them, the pressure of “selling” didn’t fit my personality. I finally got into marketing and realized that this creative, strategic, and growing industry was what I wanted to do.

I worked in marketing for different industries, including marketing agencies, small business consulting, and manufacturing. I finally landed at Punch Through, and while engineering consulting was new territory, what brought me to this company was the people and the culture.

What is your favorite thing about Punch Through culture?

It’s incredible to me that everyone genuinely cares about each other. There is a line to be drawn when you put yourself in a professional setting, but our culture encourages people to get to know each other outside of the office. We all work very well together because we have the same goals in mind: to help each other succeed, to be yourself, and to appreciate each person for who they are. 

Tell me a story about your most memorable moment while working at Punch Through

There are many memorable moments with this bunch; however, one that stands out to me was my first “Omelet Monday.” Mike, our President, makes omelets for the team twice a month, and each week is a different flavor. I had heard of this, but experiencing it was a horse of a different color. I see Mike go into the kitchen, and the next thing I know, he’s got an apron on with black rubber gloves and a whole kitchen counter full of ingredients, cooking equipment, and eggs—a lot of eggs. It was a lasting memory that I will hold forever. Of all the flavors, my favorite is the fennel sausage, gruyere, and garlic omelet. It’ll truly make your mouth water (insert “wipe drool from face” emoji). 

What cool or rewarding things do you get to do on a regular basis?

I work with a great team of people who care about their work and each other. As a non-engineer in an engineering company, it’s important to know what I’m trying to market. When I first started, everyone was so willing and open to teaching me about the company, the industry, and the projects, and now over a year later, I’m still learning new things. But the icing on the cake is that I am learning from my peers, who support my growth.

What is the most valuable part of your work to you on a personal level?

Communication. As a professional and a human, I have a deep respect for communication. As a Marketing Specialist, my primary role is to communicate who we are as a company, how we work, and what we do in a way that resonates with our “audience.” In my time at Punch Through, I’ve learned so much about communication. The lessons and takeaways I’ve gotten are invaluable.

What is different about Punch Through versus other places you have worked?

The culture. But that’s not to say that other places I’ve worked didn’t have a great culture. This company culture is just different. I feel that I truly fit in and can be myself. Everyone is accepting of each other—strengths, weaknesses, and personalities. There is no ego at Punch Through. To be included in a place where everyone truly wants the best for everyone else is pretty unique.

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About our Meet the Team Series…

Great culture builds great products. Some of the ways culture is expressed at Punch Through are through authenticity, autonomy, and experience. The individuals at Punch Through not only build great products, but they are the culture. The individual team members aren’t defined by their past or title. They’re encouraged to be true to themselves, learn from each other, and grow professionally and personally.   

It’s essential to get to know the people behind the projects and to understand how culture plays a vital role in everything we do. To help get inside the heads of the genius behind the brand, we’re launching a “Meet the Team” series. These articles will feature one of our talented team members where you can get to know them on a bit more personal level, and see how their contributions make Punch Through what it is today.