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Comprehensive Custom Software Design & Development Services for Connected Devices

We’re more than just a software engineering vendor; we’re your device-to-cloud connectivity expert and end-to-end partner for transforming consumer and medical IoT concepts into compliant, market-ready products.

Our Multidisciplinary Development Services

With our integrated team and expertise, we’ll help you navigate the complexities of custom development, ensuring your vision is seamlessly transformed into a connected reality.


Embedded Software Development

Modern firmware, embedded software with CI/CD, hardware-in-the-loop testing, secure and compliant solution development.


Mobile App (iOS & Android) Development

User-centric mobile apps, seamless integration, intuitive UX/UI, optimized for industry-leading performance, security, and reliability.


UX & UI Design

Intuitive, user-focused design for seamless human-device interaction, enhancing usability, accessibility, and aesthetics in connected products.


Cloud-Backend & Web App Development

Secure, scalable cloud and web IoT solutions; effortless data management and device monitoring with best-in-class security practices.


System Design & Architecture

Comprehensive connected systems planning and architecture, ensuring optimal performance, scalability, and security.


Device-to-Cloud Connectivity

IoT connectivity specialists, from architecture to SDKs, ensuring secure, reliable, seamless communication in the connected ecosystem.

Building a Connected Medical Device?

Learn how we can help you traverse the complex journey of developing FDA and IEC 62304 compliant connectivity and custom software to get your Medical IoT solution to market faster.

Medical IoT

Where We Can Engage

Whether you’re a startup embarking on your first connected device or an established IoT company deep into your product’s lifecycle, we provide specialized expertise in connectivity and custom software development to fast-track your connected device’s progress. We can engage at key phases to meet your project where you need us most.

We Engage Where You Need Us Most

Tell Us About Your Project

Discovery & Planning

Discovery & Planning

We lay a strategic foundation for partnering with you on your IoT device development. Our approach combines careful planning, user empathy, deep connectivity and IoT solutions expertise, ensuring a comprehensive plan for your project’s success.

Why Engage Here

Your team is planning your next IoT device but needs to strategically identify and overcome challenges in implementing connectivity technology. We’ll help you avoid common pitfalls, outline potential challenges, and create a winning strategy, putting you ahead of the competition before you embark on a major development effort.

Points of Engagement

IoT Solution Design

A guided approach to comprehensive connected solution design from concept through solution delivery.

Feasibility Planning

Comprehensive requirements gathering, architectural planning, and project estimation.

Connectivity Architecture

Secure, reliable, and seamless communication across the entire connected ecosystem.

Security Architecture

Robust architecture that keep your devices, systems, and data secure across the entire solution’s ecosystem.


IoT Proof-of-Concept

We provide the support you need to build a solid foundation for your product, quickly addressing significant risks and answering key questions. This approach confirms the viability of your project, setting the stage for its successful completion.

Why Engage Here

For concepts needing early validation, we assist in creating tangible prototypes swiftly, burning down risks, and iteratively validating your ideas. This way, you will save time and exit this phase with a robust hardware and software foundation for your final product.

Points of Engagement

Bluetooth SDKs

Comprehensive software development kits enabling seamless BLE integration for robust device connectivity.

Mockups & User Testing

Interactive mockups and rigorous user testing to refine user experience and functionality.

Demos & Prototyping

Engaging demos and rapid prototyping to visualize concepts and expedite development cycles.

Security Concept

Advanced security frameworks ensuring data integrity and protection across devices and networks.


IoT Proof of Concept

IoT Design & Software Development

IoT Software Design & Development

Our expertise spans all stages of product and custom software development. Whether it’s overseeing the entire process or contributing specific expertise, we adapt to your needs, ensuring timely and successful outcomes.

Why Engage Here

Whether you need a comprehensive development team, specific engineering expertise, or additional resources to accelerate your project, our history of navigating complex projects makes us a trustworthy partner in bringing your product to market.

Points of Engagement

Embedded Software Development

We leverage modern CI/CD and hardware-in-the-loop automated testing, for secure, robust, and compliant firmware.

Mobile App Development

Seamless and reliable iOS & Android mobile app solutions that maximize user-experience and compliance.

Cloud & Web-App Development

Secure and scalable web-based solutions design for connecting, monitoring, and managing devices from anywhere.

Software Development

User-friendly, reliable, and compliant desktop software solutions.


IoT Testing & Late Stage

Understanding the complexities of the final stages of device development, we are prepared for everything from preparing design history files to addressing late-stage challenges. Our commitment and experience ensure a smooth path toward regulatory compliance.

Why Engage Here

Navigating the final steps of device development can be intricate. We offer expertise in preparing essential documentation, fixing unexpected issues, and providing ongoing support, which is especially crucial for regulatory submissions like FDA and IEC 62304.

Points of Engagement

Compliance Documentation

Design history files and development documentation to streamlines your regulatory submission process.

Triage & Debugging

Rigorous identification and resolution process for connectivity and development bugs.


Testing & Late Stage

Launch & Post-Market

Launch & Post-Market

As you approach product launch, count on us to prepare your device and software for the market’s realities. We offer comprehensive support, from technology audits to solving complex system-wide bugs, ensuring your product thrives post-launch.

Why Engage Here

If you’re facing final hurdles like persistent bugs, suboptimal reviews, or challenges from OS updates and new hardware, our team can help rectify these issues. It’s never too late for expert intervention to realign your product with user expectations.

Points of Engagement

Bluetooth & Connectivity Auditing

Comprehensive Bluetooth audits that diagnose connectivity challenges.

Cybersecurity Auditing

Healthcare-level security audits that keep your devices and data resilient against threats.

Feature & Functionality Auditing

Post-launch analysis for future features and functionality planning.


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