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Building partnerships through connected products

We’re the foremost experts in seamlessly connecting Bluetooth product development, embedded devices, mobile apps, and integration with the cloud for both medical and consumer devices.


Our team can handle it all

Integration between components is by far the biggest challenge of building connected products. Thankfully, our multi-disciplinary team works seamlessly across the areas of expertise needed to take a project from concept to product launch.



Medical Devices

We’ve brought our expertise to medical device manufacturers, patients, and clinicians all around the world. We work in the Goldilocks zone—high quality but fast-paced—and leverage modern design engineering practices to build and maintain products in this new era of connected medical devices.

  • We’ve designed products ranging from implants to operating room equipment to remote care MedTech.
  • Real. Quality. Engineering. We believe quality comes from a culture that values it.
  • We work within your QMS and tailor our development processes to your needs.
  • Design, development, documentation—we’ll help build a robust design history file to support your FDA and other regulatory submissions.

  • Wireless connectivity brings cybersecurity challenges that we will help you solve.
  • Architecture for multiple function device products to minimize risk and deliver everything a patient, clinician, and insurer could need.
  • We use modern practices: Continuous integration, frequent and productive code reviews, and intelligent, scalable unit testing, whether for embedded or mobile devices.

How we engage

Product development is complex, so it’s not unusual to need help at some point of the process. Our team’s flexibility allows us to jump in regardless of how far along in the life-cycle your product may be.




We work with you to choose the best path from the start. With careful planning, user empathy, and vast solution design experience, we help you get things right. Let’s ensure enthusiastic users and save you countless hours and dollars in both development and maintenance.

WHY ENGAGE HERE? You and your teams are planning your next product, but are expecting to leverage Bluetooth, WiFi, and/or cellular technologies, and don’t yet have a confident plan to avoid the many pitfalls that surround the path to production. We want to get you ahead of your competition by outlining the challenges you face and building a winning plan before you invest in a big development effort.

POINTS OF ENGAGEMENT: Product Architecture Design • Requirements Specification(s) • Communication Protocol Design


Proof of Concept

Every product needs a steady foundation to build upon. We help you charge past the largest risks and answer essential questions as quickly as possible. Once we’ve done so, you’ll know your approach is viable and have a platform upon which to finish your product.

WHY ENGAGE HERE? You have concepts that you believe your users will love, but need to get something in users’ hands long before you go through months or years of development to finish the product. We’ll help you burn down major risks, validate concepts iteratively, and not waste valuable time. With our help, you can leave this initiative with hardware and software that serve as a foundation for your end-product.

POINTS OF ENGAGEMENT: Demo applications and hardware • Engineering tools • Pre-release SDKs


Product & Software Development

We leverage our expertise across every stage of product development to make your product and custom software a reality. We are equally comfortable owning the full process or lending our expertise in whichever discipline you need.

WHY ENGAGE HERE? You are in need of a cross-discipline product development team to take your project from conception to reality, specific engineering expertise outside of your wheelhouse, or a team of experts to execute faster than would be possible with your team alone. We have a long history of delivering successful outcomes in complex and difficult projects. You can trust Punch Through to be on your side while we work together to put your product in your customers’ hands.

POINTS OF ENGAGEMENT: Custom electronics, firmware, mobile apps, & software • Automated test frameworks • Design documentation & test reports



If you’re weeks from product launch and have one last hurdle or your product is in users’ hands but the experience isn’t ideal, we can help. We audit your product, perform root cause analysis, and solve complex bugs across multiple systems.

WHY ENGAGE HERE? Your product could be nearly ready to ship with a few pesky bugs standing in the way, maybe product and app store reviews don’t look as good as you need them to be, or the ever-changing landscape of OS updates and next-gen hardware launches is causing your system to falter. It’s never too late to enlist help to get back on track with your users. We work in uncertain territory like this often enough to have a standard approach to diagnosing and solving the toughest problems. Let us bring our experience to clarify your outlook so we can find a happy outcome together.

POINTS OF ENGAGEMENT: Issue reproduction & root-cause analysis • Embedded system, hardware, & software debugging • Manufacturing test solutions

Working with Punch Through


The Team

When you work with Punch Through, you get our team. You can email one address to contact our entire project team, so everyone is in sync. Learn how we work as a team


Work Transparently

We meet with you at least weekly to share everything we’ve done, what’s next, budget, and openly discuss everything we’re encountering. Learn about how we manage projects



Clear milestones, sized appropriately for our mutual objectives. Let’s not wait until the end for deliverables. Deliver, review, iterate.


Integration, Accelerated

Our broad experience and collaborative nature means we excel at solving cross-discipline problems while being 100% focused on engineering and development.




They say “hardware is hard,” and our team knows that mantra well, we have seen it all. A few things that we know like the back of our hand are schematic capture, PCB layout, wireless design, ultra-low power, EMC consulting, and design for manufacturing.



Our embedded team works closely with our mobile and hardware developers to get the bits and bytes across the wire while keeping things low power. A few technologies and platforms you can see around here are C/C++, Python, Qt, RTOS for medical devices, automated test development, multiprotocol systems, and BLE applications for all of the big players like Nordic, Dialog, Microchip, Silicon Labs, and Broadcom.



Our mobile developers integrate seamlessly with our backend and embedded teams as they conquer both iOS Core Bluetooth and Android Bluetooth. Some skill sets you will catch on our mobile team: a passion for native app development and ecstatic users, Android Studio, Kotlin, Java, Swift, Objective C, and Apple MFi.



From prototyping on Raspberry Pi and Arduino to creating a server infrastructure that supports a million devices, our team has done it all. Short list specialties: rapid development on various platforms, cloud infrastructure on AWS and Azure, CoAp and MQTT, making sure your data is secure (at rest and in motion), and backend web applications.



Our systems engineers thrive when wrangling expansive and complex problems. They architect systems spanning from electronics to embedded systems to mobile applications to cloud applications. They design and implement cybersecurity solutions, which are a crucial part of any connected system, whether for medical devices, consumer devices, industrial, automotive, or more. Architecture, security, requirements definition and specifications, test strategies—all of these are in our wheelhouse.