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LightBlue® The Go-To BLE Development Tool

Created as a stepping stone for Punch Through clients, the LightBlue® iOS and Android apps help teams with simple BLE debugging and prototyping. When our mobile team is between client projects, they spend time helping the development community by supporting and improving LightBlue®.

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Why we created LightBlue®

LightBlue® began in 2012 as an internal project by the Punch Through team to test and debug BLE devices while building customer products. As our mobile team dove deeper into development, we realized how useful it was and decided to share it with the rest of the world. Now, when our developers have downtime between client projects, we continue app support by building new features which also helps refine our skills and expertise. We created a tool to help our community solve simple problems and we’re here to help with the complex problems that arise during the product development journey.

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Everything you need for BLE development

We created LightBlue® as an all-in-one toolkit for Bluetooth Low Energy Development. Why worry about creating your own dedicated app while your hardware and firmware are still in the early prototyping stages? Simply use LightBlue® to test and debug your firmware capabilities.

Scan Icon

Scan For Peripherals

Scan for and connect to nearby BLE peripherals

Cloud Connect Icon

Cloud Connect

Quickly and easily send data to the cloud with Amazon Web Services (iOS only)

Isolate SDK Issues Icon

Isolate Mobile SDK Issues

Pinpoint issues to determine where the problem is occurring


Mimic Your Device

Create a virtual device to mimic functionality of a BLE peripheral


Scan for and interact with peripherals

The simple and intuitive scan interface allows you to see advertising nearby BLE peripherals at a glance, and connect to them in one tap. Sort the scan results by signal strength (RSSI) to identify the devices closest to you.

After connecting to a peripheral, LightBlue® shows the peripheral’s advertisement data, services, and associated characteristics in a neatly organized table. Read or write data and subscribe to notifications or indications (if peripherals support these operations).

The iOS app allows you to also send incoming data to AWS IoT or Adafruit IO using our Cloud Connect feature.


Isolate mobile platform SDK issues

Tired of wrestling with the mobile platform SDKs’ BLE APIs? LightBlue® lets you isolate all your app’s business logic and focus solely on the simple tasks of connecting, scanning, reading, writing, and getting notified about incoming data.

We’ve poured all our years of experience dealing with iOS and Android BLE APIs into making sure LightBlue® is robust and embodies all the BLE best practices when it comes to usages of platform APIs.


Mimic your product with virtual devices

LightBlue® for iOS can adopt the peripheral role and advertise as a BLE device with specific services and characteristics. This allows you to emulate your product and prototype your app’s behavior if firmware isn’t ready yet. Choose to create a virtual peripheral profile from scratch or clone an advertising peripheral.

This feature is on our Android app roadmap and will be available shortly in the future.

Download LightBlue®

Haven’t tried the app for yourself? Check out the go-to Bluetooth development tool for iOS and Android.

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LightBlue® by the numbers

We pride ourselves on enabling makers of all types to explore BLE technology and LightBlue® has made that mission easier.

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downloads of LightBlue® on iOS & Android


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4.5 Stars

rating on the App Store


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If you’re feeling stuck in your product development, reach out to our expert team of engineers. We’re here to help guide you through the complex journey of building a Bluetooth product, and are excited to help take your product to the next level.