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Great culture builds great products

It is our mission to help engineering leaders through the complex journey of building connected products while cultivating and sharing our company culture.

Punch Through Culture

Why Culture Matters

The journey of product development is a road filled with technical and cultural hurdles that teams and organizations will face. Having the right company culture will drive a team of engineers to challenge the status quo and ignite the passion to rise up to the challenge. This drives us to intentionally build our culture to be the case study of successful engineering culture and share it with the world.

Empowering Leaders

Punch Through started in 2009 with the belief that we aren’t defined by our title or education and with the right motivation and environment, we can make anything happen. Our founder lived this value when he left the passion-stifling classrooms of his formal education to build an organization that fosters the joy of engineering, a place where we can relive that feeling of sitting in front of a pile of Legos on our living room floor.

Through the lens of engineering, Punch Through has set out to promote curiosity, creativity, empathy, and positive change in the world by un-blocking potential in the engineering leaders of today and tomorrow. We are intentionally building a culture that is for engineers, by engineers. 

We are building the leaders of tomorrow, who measure their success by those that they lead, not by their title or status. We are a community of people that are connected around what that pile of legos represents. We are building leaders who will move on from Punch Through to have a greater impact in the world by carrying out our vision.

We would love to work together to build a better world.


We’re just a group of people brought together by our love of tinkering and problem-solving. We all come from different backgrounds and have different skillsets. Since so many of our projects require the full gamut of our services, we work hand-in-hand across all channels to accomplish goals. Collaboration, listening, learning, and teaching are a common thread throughout all of our projects, and when we work together, we win together.

PunchThrough Team




They say “hardware is hard,” and our team knows that mantra well, we have seen it all. A few things that we know like the back of our hand are schematic capture, PCB layout, wireless design, ultra-low power, EMC consulting, and design for manufacturing.



Our embedded team works closely with our mobile and hardware developers to get the bits and bytes across the wire while keeping things low power. A few technologies and platforms you can see around here are C/C++, Python, Qt, RTOS for medical devices, automated test development, multiprotocol systems, and BLE applications for all of the big players like Nordic, Dialog, Microchip, Silicon Labs, and Broadcom.



Our mobile developers integrate seamlessly with our backend and embedded teams as they conquer both iOS Core Bluetooth and Android Bluetooth. Some skill sets you will catch on our mobile team: a passion for native app development and ecstatic users, Android Studio, Kotlin, Java, Swift, Objective C, and Apple MFi.



From prototyping on Raspberry Pi and Arduino to creating a server infrastructure that supports a million devices, our team has done it all. Short list specialties: rapid development on various platforms, cloud infrastructure on AWS and Azure, CoAp and MQTT, making sure your data is secure (at rest and in motion), and backend web applications.

Experience Matters

We’ve been trusted with the products of a number of great organizations.