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Come grow with us

We are a community of engineers and problem solvers that encourage each other to experiment and learn, all while sharing our collective expertise.

Why Punch Through?

We care about each other, the products we work on, and empowering ourselves and others through learning. We’re focused on humble collaboration and candor, creativity, adaptability, accountability, ethical decision-making, and most of all, teaching & learning from each other and our clients. Subscribing to these values is arguably more essential to our accomplishments than our technical proficiency alone.

Learning is promoted and knowledge is shared – all in an ego-free environment where the culture is built on real company values that get lived out each day.

Karel Head Shot


Firmware Engineer

Each of us is empowered with the autonomy to take challenges head-on. This allows us to flourish and grow rapidly.

Matt Rengo Head Shot


VP of Engineering

We’re regularly challenged to learn and undertake new responsibilities, always ensuring we’re adequately equipped with all the support and resources we need to be successful.

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iOS Developer


With an office based in Minneapolis, we’ve always got plenty of room for small talk about the weather. Our location in the North Loop is within walking distance of phenomenal lunch choices, in the heart of thriving tech communities. Standing desks, multi-monitor setups, and all the hardware and software you need to get the job done are at your disposal. Oh yeah, there might also be a dog in the office from time to time.


We’re a multi-disciplinary team with people who have very different skill sets, but what brings us together is that we’re all tinkerers and problem solvers at heart. With so many of our projects requiring the full gamut of our services, software engineers regularly work hand-in-hand with hardware engineers; app development with business development. With such a considerable variation of skill sets on our team, it’s critical that we can not only work with one another, but learn from one another.

PunchThrough Team


Few things are as professionally frustrating as feeling like your career is stagnating. By working with such a broad range of clients and industries, there’s a constant stream of new problems to solve, new technologies to explore, and new relationships to be made.

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All of our projects start with a client relationship, and when they’re happy, we’re happy. We encourage all of our team members to be involved with our clients so we can ask the right questions at the right time.

What we value

Our team and culture is everything to us. We have empathy for each other, recognizing the challenges we are all going through, both inside and outside the workplace. By doing so, we maximize our ability to be happy, successful, and our authentic selves.

To be in it for the long haul, we must be comfortable, which means being playful, creative, and doing great work. This allows us to resolve internal and external conflict, develop deeper relationships and, most importantly, be happy.

We have pride in our abilities and we strive to do the best work in our industry. However, we never stop working to improve and grow, both individually and as a team. We teach each other, we teach our clients, and we seek learning opportunities in all forms. We are hungry for knowledge in the world and seek to leverage each other’s experiences. We are building a company where everyone can be their best self and have an impact on each other and our industry.

If you are great today, but want to be better tomorrow, this is the home for you.

If you pride yourself on continuous growth, are good at what you do, and have an interest in spending some time with people who feel the same way, take a look at our open positions. What to expect when applying at Punch Through