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We Build Next-Generation Connected Solutions for Medical & Consumer IoT

We’re Punch Through, a premier device-to-cloud connectivity and custom IoT software development provider. We’ve spent over 15 years helping device innovators realize their revolutionary BLE-connected solutions. How can we help you?

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Our Multidisciplinary Team Can Do It All

Building IoT products shouldn’t be so hard. With our integrated team and expertise, we’ll help you navigate the complexities of custom development, ensuring your vision is seamlessly transformed into a connected reality.

We're a multidisciplinary company, supporting firmware, hardware, mobile app, software, systems, web apps and cloud

We’re the Industry’s Trusted Partner for Bluetooth and Device-to-Cloud Connectivity

Everything we do has one thing in common: a mobile phone or tablet at the center of it all. See how we’ve helped our partners deliver world-class BLE-connected solutions for their customers.

BLE and Device-to-Cloud Connectivity Expertise for Custom IoT Software Development

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We Build IoT Products You Can Be Proud Of

From physician-trusted medical implants to everyday consumer wearables, our technical expertise spans a broad range of connected devices, standards, and regulations.

Medical Device Development

Medical Devices

Advanced medical IoT solutions like implants and SaMD that blend cutting-edge diagnostic and therapeutic applications with a user-centric digital experiences.

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Smart Home Device Development

Smart Home Devices

Intelligent home automation like that seamlessly enhances comfort, convenience, and connectivity with user-friendly interfaces.

Wearable Device Development

Wearable Devices

Next-generation wearables like smartwatches and smart rings that integrate connectivity and functionality for on-the-go lifestyles.

Transportation Device Development

Transportation Devices

Smart transportation solutions that integrate advanced tech and functionality for safer and more reliable IoT experiences.

Health & Wellness Device Development

Health & Wellness Devices

Advanced wellness gadgets that empower health journeys with smart, intuitive, and connected technology.

Lifestyle & Convenience Device Development

Lifestyle & Convenience

Comfort and convenience-focused solutions, from remote monitoring to connected tools, IoT that enhances life with seamless technology.

We Engage Where You Need Us Most

Whether you’re a startup embarking on your first connected device or an established IoT company deep into your product’s lifecycle, we provide the specialized expertise necessary to fast-track your IoT device’s progress.

We Engage Where You Need Us Most

Services & Capabilities

An agile, transparent, and collaborative approach to IoT development

Agile, Transparent, and Collaborative IoT Development

Partnering with us means engaging a team of seasoned engineering professionals with a deep specialization in connectivity and a commitment to helping you build and manage your IoT project. Learn more about how we help you through the complex journey of connected product development and what makes our approach so effective.

Our Approach

Great Teams Build Exceptional Connected Products

Great Teams Build Exceptional Connected Products

Happy, healthy, and fulfilled individuals produce outstanding results. This core conviction has propelled our business strategy for over a decade, consistently driving innovation and success for our IoT partners. With us at your side, you’re not just adding to your team; you’re elevating it.

About The Team

Expert-Driven Guides & Resources

As recognized leaders in BLE connectivity, we offer an extensive library of insights and development guides. Delve into resources crafted by our seasoned engineers, designed to empower professionals in navigating the intricacies of BLE technology.



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BLE Connectivity Architecture

New to BLE connectivity? Start here. This guide covers BLE architecture, security, connection topology, chipset considerations, and more — coupled with our expertise and insights.

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The Ultimate Guide to Managing Your BLE Connection

Managing Your BLE Connection

Learn all the basics of managing your BLE connection, peripheral advertising, and power consumption vs latency considerations for connected devices.

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15+ Years of Delivering Results

Whatever your connected project entails, we’ve been there before. We’ve consistently transformed challenges into success stories for our clients — the results speak for themselves.

Unmatched BLE

We're leading the industry in Bluetooth Low Energy solutions in developing Medical and Consumer IoT software.

Powering 2M+ IoT

Millions of BLE-connected devices in use today rely on our device-to-cloud connectivity and custom software innovations.

300,000+ Dev Hours

We've spent thousands of hours building comprehensive IoT products that improve end-users connected experiences.

150+ Devices Built

We don't just talk the talk; we walk the walk. Our knowledge and expertise become your competitive advantage when you partner with us.

Successful Partnerships

When our clients succeed, we succeed. Here are a few happy partners with whom we’ve built innovative, connected products.

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