Whether developing a new product from the ground up, adding features to an existing product, or fixing that nagging bug, Punch Through can get it done. Building devices and accessories that can leverage the power of today’s smartphones requires knowledge of countless specifications, protocols, and operating systems. By understanding the whole system, Punch Through is able to produce products that are not only reliable and dependable, but are also able to create sustained, differentiated value.

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Punch Through is a product development company that can engage at any point in your product’s journey. Whether a great new concept that needs turnkey development, or you’ve got an iOS app you need cranked out, or you’re looking to squish that pesky bug that your customers are talking about, we’re here to help.

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Punch Through is an engineering consultancy specializing in connected devices. Building a connected product requires knowledge of many different systems, specifications, protocols, and operating systems. Working in siloed teams is no longer feasible. Our cross discipline team knows the entire process. By understanding the whole system, we are able to create products that are reliable and dependable.

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The industry-leading BLE test app for iOS and Android. Used by over a half million people, LightBlue Explorer lets you scan, connect to and browse any nearby Bluetooth Smart device. Includes full support for logging data and simulating peripherals.

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Bean and Bean+

The LightBlue Bean is a Bluetooth enabled development board for the mobile age. Program Bean and Bean+ wirelessly over BLE from Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Use LightBlue Explorer to interact with the Bean over BLE, or use Bean's iOS and Android SDKs to quickly build a custom app. Great for prototyping connected products.

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