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Build a connected product that you and your team are proud of

Engineering consulting to help leaders through the complex journey of building a Bluetooth product

Our engineering team can do it all for you

Working together is the foundation of developing a connected product that is well-architected and a joy to support. No one-star reviews or slipping project deadlines with our integrated teams all under one roof.


Mobile is at the core of what we do

From monitoring equipment in the operating room, to keeping track of your pup, to storing customer data in the cloud, everything we build has one thing in common: a mobile phone or tablet at the center of it all.


It shouldn't be so hard

Developing a connected product and leading a team is complex and hard. As an engineering leader, you could feel overwhelmed and overworked and may not even sure where to start or where your problem lies. We’ve been there before. You shouldn’t doubt your abilities – others don’t know how hard it is. Our team is here to help you build a product and always make you look good throughout the process.

You're 3 steps away from a product you are proud of

Bringing in a team to help with your project shouldn’t be so hard, so start working with us today.


Schedule meeting

Choose a time, or send an email, with a brief description of what you are trying to achieve. We’ll learn more about your project and see if it’s a good fit.


Bring in the team to create a plan

We get into the nitty-gritty details of your project and come up with a plan for how we can achieve your goals.


Build the product

We overcome challenges together by keeping you and your team informed the whole time. When it’s all over you have a product you can be proud of.


We Speak Fluent Bluetooth

We’ve been building Bluetooth products since the beginning and have built products using almost every embedded and mobile platform. We have extensive knowledge of specifications, protocols, stacks, and iOS/Android quirks which allows us to understand complex bugs with multiple systems involved. We are able to point you and your team in the right direction quickly, to help you build reliable and dependable products.

Osprey Medical DyeVert product

Medical Devices Meet Mobile

From iPads in the operating room to Bluetooth implants, we’ve built it all. Connecting medical devices to mobile devices is becoming the standard in the medical world and can reduce the time to develop and certify products. As Bluetooth experts, we’ve developed and certified medical products to the IEC 60601 standards and medical device software to the IEC 62304 standard, and we can help guide you through the process.

10+ Years of Results

Whatever your project entails, chances are we’ve been there before. In our ten years of existence, we’ve reached milestones we’re truly proud of.


customer products sold


hours spent building customer products


downloads of LightBlue on iOS & Android


connected products built

There were two things in particular that impressed us so much about Punch Through: how uncannily accurate their estimates were and the quality of their work. They tracked down and resolved a bug that we had for half a year and shipped us code that was easy to follow, properly abstracted, and ready for production. They’re truly an awesome team and I highly recommend them!

Skip Scooter Logo

Chase Lambert

Founding Engineer, Skip Scooter

My team and I had been struggling with Bluetooth connectivity issues due to Android’s finicky Bluetooth stack. Punch Through came in and created a queuing mechanism for our app that fixed a specific issue my team and I couldn’t. Everything was done on time, under budget, and with excellent communication along the way!

Anonymous Person

Engineering Leader

Large Retail Corporation

Experience matters

We’ve been trusted with the products of a number of great organizations.


Our Story

Punch Through started in 2009 with the belief that with the right motivation and environment, we can make anything happen. We are here to help engineering leaders through the complex journey of building connected products, while working to cultivate and share our company culture. A great culture drives a team of engineers to build products that question the status quo and push the boundaries of what is thought to be possible.