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Resource Hub

Bluetooth LE & Software Development Resources

Welcome to Punch Through’s Resource Hub. This is your one-stop destination for all things BLE. Dive into our curated collection of technical guides, get hands-on with our LightBlue resources, and elevate your connected device development game with expert advice — all neatly organized for your convenience.


Connectivity Architecture

Explore the foundational topics you need to understand and effectively plan and architect a BLE-connected device. Plus, get an inside look at how we at Punch Through tackle the discovery, planning, and architecture stages.
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LightBlue Resources

Explore comprehensive resources on LightBlue’s capabilities, features, and applications. This section is essential for maximizing the utility of the LightBlue platform.

Getting Started with LightBlue

LightBlue Cloud Connect


LightBlue® App for Android and iOS

Download LightBlue: A Free All-In-One Toolkit for BLE Development

Use LightBlue® to test and debug your firmware capabilities. Scan for peripherals, send data to the cloud, isolate mobile SDK issues, and mimic your device. Available on iOS and Android. Learn More

Apple iOS Development

Find critical resources for iOS development within the BLE ecosystem. This section includes Swift code examples, best practices, and advanced techniques for building iOS applications.

The Ultimate Guide to Apple iOS Core Bluetooth

iOS Core Bluetooth for BLE

Learn the major components of Core Bluetooth for iOS, from basic steps for scanning, connecting to, and interacting with a BLE peripheral, common pitfalls, and BLE.

Android Development

Discover key materials for Android development in the BLE space. This section covers Kotlin tutorials, API guides, and strategies for effective Android app development.

The Ultimate Guide for Android Bluetooth Low Energy

Android Bluetooth Low Energy

Learn about the basics of Android BLE, get an overview of important glossary terms, and real world examples to better develop Android apps.

Embedded System Development

Access in-depth content on embedded system design and optimization in BLE applications. This section offers expert advice on firmware, hardware-software integration, and IoT use cases.


Explore a variety of topics that complement and expand your BLE knowledge. This section includes case studies, industry insights, and additional resources not covered in other categories.