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Throughput Part 4

Maximizing BLE Throughput Part 4: Everything You Need to Know

Welcome to part 4 of the “Maximizing BLE Throughput” blog post series! This blog post will provide the key takeaways from our previous 3 posts and also bring us up-to-date with the latest BLE spec (such as 2M PHY). Update: Please check out our other blog posts in the Maximizing BLE Throughput series. You can find a lot of great information to better understand how BLE works and what factors affect transfer speed, DLE, etc. But be aware…

Maximizing BLE Throughput on iOS and Android

Still confused about how fast you can really send data over Bluetooth Low Energy? It's not just you. A google search will turn up many incomplete answers. Each OS and device has it’s own restrictions, such as connection interval and number of…