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How to Handle iOS 13’s New Bluetooth Permissions

iOS 13's new Bluetooth permissions have sparked many questions, and everyone’s concluding that Bluetooth apps are tracking them. With the inevitable backlash that will arise from this conclusion, will everyone start denying apps access to Bluetooth? Will Apple respond by making Bluetooth permissions even more restrictive, as they have done for Location Services? Will this be the end of connected products over Bluetooth? Honestly, probably…
Computer coding with Android and Bluetooth symbol - Android BLE tips

4 Tips to Make Android BLE Actually Work

Android development is hard, and it's no thanks to its relatively fragmented ecosystem and having a million OEM’s out there. Throw BLE—which is extremely hardware and Bluetooth spec. dependent!—into the mix and the platform's behavior becomes…

How GAP and GATT Work

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is a protocol developed by Bluetooth SIG that builds on the lessons learned from building lots of Bluetooth Classic devices. Compared to Bluetooth Classic, BLE consumes less power, requires less time and…