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Meet Devun Schmutlzer – Mobile Software Team

At Punch Through, we encourage everyone to proudly be themselves and want you to know the people behind the work that we’re so proud of. That’s why we launched our “Meet the Team” series, where we introduce you to one of our team members each month. 

Meet Devun Schmutzler, mobile engineer, who primarily works on projects for iOS and Android devices. When not at work, you can often find Devun spending time with family and friends, playing a video game or two, and pursuing his private pilot’s license. 

What were you doing before working at Punch Through?

Before joining the team at Punch Through, I had been working for a consulting company for five years, doing similar work to what I’m doing now but more so focused on social media, career, and consumer apps. While I was able to work on some interesting and satisfying projects there, Punch Through offers the opportunity to work on a totally different market of products.

What is your favorite thing about Punch Through culture?

For me, my favorite thing about Punch Through culture is its level of transparency. Upper management does a phenomenal job of sharing what’s going on internally, I feel very comfortable reaching out to anyone to learn more or ask questions. There’s also just this willingness to give feedback and help out when necessary. All of it contributes to the openness that’s felt throughout the company, which, naturally, has a way of impacting our interactions with clients. We’re very respectful of budgets (even the tightest of budgets), making sure we work efficiently and deliver quality work.

Tell me a story about your most memorable moment while working at Punch Through

The most popular answer has been the company trip, and I tend to agree. Within a week of starting, I had the pleasure of experiencing my first one. To get that experience early on was definitely interesting, but it was a nice opportunity to get to know people in such a relaxed setting. You got to be silly, have fun, play games – and do all that with coworkers. Of course, one game was a real stand out with the whole experience: Sardines. Everyone is hunting for that one person who went off to hide and squeeze in with them. At one point, there were 15+ people crammed into a small room. You really get to know and feel comfortable with one another after something like that.

What cool or rewarding things do you get to do on a regular basis?

There are a couple of things I get to do regularly that feel rather rewarding. The first is getting to work with connected devices. While mobile development has enabled me to put software in people’s hands, building these mobile apps alongside connected devices further expands the usefulness and reach of my work. These devices aren’t just toys, they are often medical devices, so you’re working on something that provides a more direct improvement on an individual’s life. 

The second thing would have to be the mentor and buddy system in place at Punch Through, where engineers get a chance to support and level up other engineers. Despite not being here for a long time, I, too, am participating in the mentor system. It’s been a very rewarding experience.

What is the most valuable part of your work to you on a personal level?

On a personal level, the most valuable part of my work would have to be the impact  on people. A lot of our work involves medical devices, so we’re doing something that’s useful and of benefit to others. The work itself is very valuable. 

What is different about Punch Through versus other places you have worked?

Though this echoes something I’ve said before, it’s worth repeating. There’s a level of transparency here that you don’t often find at a lot of other places. We get a deep dive into all things Punch Through. Everyone is involved in all the various aspects of projects. We see the budgets. We see the reports. We’re always made aware of the health of the company. But the transparency goes beyond that. During our quarterly reviews, for example, we can ask for feedback from our peers. We know how we’re doing, what we can work on, what we’ve done well, and those sorts of things. That’s not something I’ve personally experienced before.

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At Punch Through, you'll have the opportunity to collaborate with talented individuals like Devun on groundbreaking projects. If you're passionate about connectivity and software development and want to be a part of a best-in-class team that builds cutting-edge, connected solutions, check out our careers section to learn more.

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About our Meet the Team Series…

Great culture builds great products. Some of the ways culture is expressed at Punch Through are through authenticity, autonomy, and experience. The individuals at Punch Through not only build great products, but they are the culture. The individual team members aren’t defined by their past or title. They’re encouraged to be true to themselves, learn from each other, and grow professionally and personally.   

It’s essential to get to know the people behind the projects and to understand how culture plays a vital role in everything we do. To help get inside the heads of the genius behind the brand, we’re launching a “Meet the Team” series. These articles will feature one of our talented team members where you can get to know them on a bit more personal level, and see how their contributions make Punch Through what it is today.