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Engineer working on LightBlue Features in Punch Through Office

How to Use LightBlue®: The Go-To BLE Development Tool

We at Punch Through first began developing LightBlue® for iOS back in 2012 out of internal necessity. We were a young company carving out a determined niche in the exciting new world of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), the revolutionary new iteration of the Bluetooth spec released in 2010. In 2011, Apple’s iPhone 4S arrived as the first mobile device to support Bluetooth 4.0 (aka Bluetooth Low Energy or Bluetooth Smart), and the rest of the…
Engineers meeting about Kotlin language features

Our 5 Favorite Kotlin Features

When Swift was released by Apple for iOS developers, Android developers were in awe and envious of this modern programming language that provides null-safety and an expressive yet concise syntax. Thankfully, the Android Studio 3.0 release in 2017…

Testing Bluetooth Low Energy Devices

Bluetooth Low Energy is a new Bluetooth standard that is exciting for a couple reasons- it enables very low power battery applications, and it further opens the smartphone accessory market. LightBlue allows you to test and simulate Bluetooth Low…