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Architecting iOS and Android Apps for IoT BLE Systems

When you buy a Fitbit, you’re not just paying for the wearable hardware. You’re buying a key that unlocks access to a greater integrated system. Before you can even start using the device, you must first download the app, pair it with your phone, and create a user login.  Even a decade ago, it might’ve been completely untenable to require users to have an expensive smartphone to use a product. But today’s wireless devices take…
Engineers meeting about Kotlin language features

Our 5 Favorite Kotlin Features

When Swift was released by Apple for iOS developers, Android developers were in awe and envious of this modern programming language that provides null-safety and an expressive yet concise syntax. Thankfully, the Android Studio 3.0 release in 2017…

Testing Bluetooth Low Energy Devices

Bluetooth Low Energy is a new Bluetooth standard that is exciting for a couple reasons- it enables very low power battery applications, and it further opens the smartphone accessory market. LightBlue allows you to test and simulate Bluetooth Low…