The LightBlue Bean is a legacy product and is no longer being sold

The Bean loader apps will continue to function, but no further updates will be provided. Updates to your OS may change Bluetooth functionality and therefore may break the functionality of the Bean apps.

Hardware files are available here.

We're proud to have helped people prototype their products with the Bean, and for all the incredible things they've built. The Bean was an incredibly fun and challenging product to work on, and we will miss it..

Our goal at Punch Through is to help companies develop products. Our consulting services and software products have been growing so quickly that they require our full focus and attention. If you're developing a connected product, we'd love to help in any way possible.


Resources for Educators

We are proud to be working with schools and educators world-wide to teach programming and analytical skills. With the LightBlue Bean, our easy to use resources, and your guidance, everyone can learn to program.

Educator Discounts

Enhancing education is very important to us. Having access to high-quality tools and resources is the first step to learning. We love supporting makers and want to help you get modern hardware into their hands.

If you’re an educator and plan to place an order for your classes, we offer up to 20% off your entire purchase. That’s 20% off your total on top of the quantity price breaks, depending on qualifications!

Is your organization/school tax-exempt? Send us your 501 (c) status and we can help you out.

Email us at for educator discounts.

Classrooms, Workshops, and Presentations

Are you looking to bring Bluetooth into your classroom? Learning is the first step to teaching. We offer workshops on the LightBlue Bean, Bluetooth Low Energy, iBeacons and much more.

Whether you are learning basic hardware hacking, or want to learn about the different BLE protocols as an advanced user, let’s make arrangements to get your questions answered. Contact us at