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Introducing Cloud Connect for LightBlue® Explorer

Punch Through Design is proud to announce Cloud Connect: an exciting new feature for LightBlue®, the leading BLE debug and development tool.

Cloud Connect enables users to quickly and easily send data received from your BLE devices via indication or notification to the cloud with Amazon Web Services (AWS)’s Internet of Things (IoT) platform or Adafruit IO—meaning you can now get your connected prototype up and running faster than ever before (minutes). All you need to get started is your AWS or Adafruit IO credentials. No end-user coding necessary, just configure and go!

We chose to start with AWS IoT and Adafruit IO because we wanted to offer world-class enterprise compatibility while also offering a great way to get up and running really fast with cool visualizations. Stay tuned because we’re looking to add more platform options in the future—hit us up if you have any suggestions!

We see this feature as a natural evolution to LightBlue®, because many of our customers and users don’t merely connect a BLE device to a smartphone, they’re usually sending data to the cloud as well. Before, you had to either use canned apps that didn’t do quite what you want, or create your own test app and embed your cloud providers’ SDK and drink way too much coffee. That sucked.

LightBlue Explorer’s Cloud Connect means the world of remote monitoring, analytics, pattern analysis is just a few clicks away, so you can get back to innovating the next big thing.

At launch, Cloud Connect will be available on LightBlue® Explorer for iOS.

To get started with Cloud Connect on LightBlue Explorer visit our instruction pages:

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