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Case Study

Osprey Medical

How Osprey Medical Leveraged Punch Through’s Connected Product and Systems Expertise to Reimagine Its DyeVert™ PLUS System


Who Is Osprey Medical?

Osprey Medical is a leading medical device company that designs and builds contrast reduction systems, including the DyeVert™ PLUS and DyeVert™ PLUS EZ, to reduce dye delivery during angiography procedures without impacting image quality. The entire DyeVert portfolio allows healthcare providers to monitor in real time the cumulative dye dose specific to each patient’s kidney function, lowering not only hospital costs but the risk of patients experiencing Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) as a result of the dye.


The Challenge

Though Osprey Medical has been driving innovation in the world of angiography, the company has a fairly small engineering team with limited expertise in connected software product development. When Osprey first approached Punch Through, its legacy device was a costly, custom touchscreen tablet. The legacy device required hand-delivered manual software upgrades and often time-consuming maintenance — as it was sometimes difficult to isolate and debug issues with the system.

First looking to resolve connectivity problems and improve the overall reliability of its device, then looking to design a next-generation product, Osprey Medical brought in Punch Through to architect and develop a solution due to our immense connected product development experience.

The Solution

Punch Through was able to suggest, design, and implement several improvements that made the system much more reliable, updatable, and cost effective, all while empowering Osprey’s team to control future updates.

Optimize Legacy Systems
Punch Through used their RF Design expertise, comprehensive Bluetooth knowledge, protocol analyzers, and more to hone in on root causes of legacy system issues. New procedures and system documentation were generated, making future improvements efficient and repeatable.

Off-the-Shelf Devices
A suggestion was pitched to the Osprey Medical team by Punch Through; replace the custom display unit with MDM (Mobile Device Management) enabled off-the-shelf tech. The move would all but eliminate the cost associated with equipment development and manufacturing, as well as enable remote software updates and debugging, substantially cutting maintenance costs and delighting users.

Software Development Plans
Osprey Medical and Punch Through collaboratively built and refined an IEC 62304 compliant software development plan. The strategy included unit testing of the system to automate regression testing, vastly improving speed and reliability of new feature development. Punch Through delivered documentation to support a Design History File (DHF) for 510(k) clearance for the Class II medical device.





The Results

Punch Through not only maintained the integrity of the original device but also increased ease of use. The updated product experience and Bluetooth performance blew away Osprey Medical’s sales reps and long-time users. Punch Through continues to be a long-term partner, providing support and maintenance for the entire Osprey Medical team.

FDA Clearance

The new DyeVert™ PLUS tablet-based system earned 510(k) clearance

More Efficient

Product improvements decreased setup time, making the operating room procedure faster

Alex Dietz of Osprey Medical

Punch Through has our backs and enabled our independence — helping our company achieve success. The team did a great job explaining the impact of decisions, the cost of building a given feature, and the cost of maintenance. They helped us make decisions that were the best for the long term.


Principal R&D Engineer, Osprey Medical

Project Scope

Provided Services

  • System Architecture
  • Software Architecture
  • RF Design
  • EE Review
  • Firmware Review/Development
  • Tablet Software Development
  • Cloud Software Development
  • Documentation for Design History File

Tools Used

  • Objective-C
  • Swift
  • Python
  • Qt
  • AWS S3
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)