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Case Study

Core by Hyperice®

Carrying Out the “Core” Functions of One Meditation Training Solution with Punch Through’s Connected Device Expertise


What Is Core?

Core is a mental wellness technology company that provides mobile-guided meditation through a handheld meditation training device and a connected app. While listening to expert-led guided meditations and breathwork training sessions, the device physically guides users with dynamic vibrations and light while tracking biometric data through a series of electrocardiogram sensors to monitor stress levels and track progress over time, as well as offer personalized recommendations for guided content through the app going forward.


Core's Challenges

Customer experience plays an essential role for connected devices, and at Core, it’s no different. The first interaction with a new device must be a positive one. With connected devices, even the tiniest of mistakes can have devastating consequences to functionality.

When Core’s launches were fast approaching, it was essential to find a means for not only reliably testing the modules during the production process but also ensuring the flawless execution of critical functions: Bluetooth communication and device firmware upgrades (DFUs) — the Core device would require a firmware upgrade prior to use.

How We Helped

Core chose to partner with the team at Punch Through to expressly design a solution to ensure a successful rollout, and we jumped right in and delivered three successful projects:


Android Test App for Manufacturing

Designed an Android application to test the Core hardware through a simple interface, ensuring proper performance of every product prior to shipment.


Firmware Updates for iOS Production App

Developed a robust DFU solution in iOS for performing firmware updates that could recover from all possible failures prior to use.


Architecture & BLE Dev for Android Production App

Updated architecture, designed BLE communication, and built DFU functionality in Android under an aggressive timeline to meet product launch date.


The Results

The improved DFU functionality in iOS proved to be more than effective for launch, as was the BLE communication and DFU functionality in Android. After integration, Core was happy to report:


of customers had successful DFUs in iOS on the first try


of customers had successful DFUs in iOS after second attempt


success rate in DFU performance in Android


Not one device was “bricked”


Reliable Updates

Our firmware update work proved to be incredibly reliable, with nearly 100% of customers completing the firmware update process on their first attempt, the remainder succeeding after retrying.

Firmware Update Success

We’ve seen extremely motivating trends in both engagement and retention after Punch Through’s help getting our iOS app out into the world. Thank you for being great at your jobs. Unsurprisingly, we’d love to work with you all again!


Brian Bolze

Co-founder, Core

It’s been 19 days since launch and Firmware Updates have all been successful. As always, we really appreciate the great work from you all. Big shoutout to you!


Brian Bolze

Co-founder, Core

Project Scope

Provided Services

  • Software Architecture
  • iOS Development
  • Android Development
  • Integration Testing

Tools Used

  • Swift
  • Kotlin
  • RxJava
  • RxKotlin
  • Objective-C
  • Nordic OTA DFU