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Bean and Bean+: BLE dev boards for the mobile age

Bean Family

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Powerful Hardware

Program Wirelessly

I Phone Wirelessly Programming Bean

Ever built a project and sealed your board inside, only to find you left a bug in your code? With Bean, you can program wirelessly from any of your devices. No more unscrewing screws and ungluing glue.

Built-In Peripherals


Bean and Bean+ both come with a built-in accelerometer, temperature sensor, and RGB LED. You can start blinking and building right out of the box—no soldering required.

Bean+ Logo

Rechargeable LiPo

Bean+ comes with a LiPo battery and charges just like any other micro-USB device. If you need more capacity, simply solder on your own LiPo as a replacement.

Grove Connectors

Grove is a system of components designed for makers. The Grove ports on Bean+ make it easy to add parts without soldering.

Bean+ Front

Addon Boards

The built-in headers on Bean+ make it easier than ever to build your own addon boards. Just spin a PCB, add headers and plug it in!

3.3V and 5V Operation

Bean+ operates at either 3.3 or 5 volts, so it can talk to all your favorite peripherals. You won’t have to limit which parts you can use because of incompatible operating voltages.

Bean Logo

Coin Cell Battery

Bean comes with a coin cell battery from the factory. It’s turned on inside the box, so you can start blinking your Bean before you open its package!

Tiny Size

At under 3 inches long, Bean is just the right size for any project. You can also saw off the protoboard if you need more space.


Built-In Protoboard

If you’re adding parts to Bean, the protoboard gives you plenty of space to solder and wire components. It’s also great for mounting headers to connect to larger protoboards or PCBs.

Dead Simple Software

Powered by the LightBlue Platform

We’ve taken our consulting experience and built something for every developer. The LightBlue Platform saves you time, money and effort. Ship faster and with confidence!

Cross-Platform SDKs


The LightBlue Platform works where you do. With SDKs for iOS, Android, and OS X devices, you can build your hardware once and talk to it everywhere.

Ready-to-Use BLE Profiles

Bean BLE profiles

Leverage our consulting experience in your own projects! The LightBlue Platform saves you time by implementing the features you need.

A Maker's Best Friend


Arduino Community

We want to make the LightBlue Bean incredibly simple to use. Bean works with Arduino, so your favorite libraries are ready to use. Just plug, program and play.

Works Where You Do

Happy Earth

Are you on-site at the art festival trying to reprogram your giant disco ball? Bean Loader works on Windows, OS X, iOS, and Android. You’re ready for development anywhere.