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Zero wires. Infinite uses.

The Bean connects your physical devices to the digital world. This is Punch Through Design’s newest addition to the Internet of Things.

We’ve bundled  a microcontroller with our very own Bluetooth Low Energy module to give you a tiny little board that you can program wirelessly from your smartphone or desktop. It runs on a coin cell battery for extended periods of time while in sleep mode —ideal for use as a long-term sensor or data logger. We’ve even built an RGB LED and an accelerometer right into the board!

Zero wires. Infinite uses. What will you build next?

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Built-In Functionality

An RGB LED and 3-axis accelerometer enable thousands of applications without requiring any modifications. Create a motion alarm to warn you if someone moves your bike. Get wireless notifications for text messages, emails, and Facebook posts. Build an iPhone-controlled Nerf gun turret. The possibilities are endless.

Want to build even more projects? Order four Beans and get a free maker kit filled with sensors, resistors, capacitors, headers, even a Piezo Buzzer!

Prototyping Mobilized

The Bean is programmed wirelessly with Arduino code. This means you can make, build, and invent from any device with Bluetooth 4.0, in any place.

Since there are no wires needed to program it, you can build the Bean right into your next project. Easily tweak a line of code, even after you have finished your enclosure. Grab a coffee and write some quick code without even taking the Bean out of your backpack.

Easy App-cessories

Easily use the LightBlue App to interact with your Bean instantly. Scan for all nearby devices and connect without ever having to navigate complicated settings. Or go a step further and write an App on your favorite platform. Making a smart phone accessory has never been this easy.

LightBlue can connect to any Bluetooth LE peripherals, but when connected to Bean it offers a simple UI customized to the Bean’s functions. Or if you prefer to view the actual characteristics, you can return to the classic view. Interacting with hardware is now as close as your favorite smartphone or tablet.


What will you build next?

Check out our example projects for some ideas!
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