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What to Expect when Applying at Punch Through

COVID-19 Update: Due to the pandemic sweeping our nation, we have all transitioned to remote work. All in-person/in-office meetings have been changed to Zoom meetings. Yes, this makes it a little more challenging, but we love a challenge and look forward to getting to know you, telling you about our company and team, and seeing if we are a good fit for each other.

Looking for a new job is stressful. There’s very little satisfaction in applying to jobs online, and the hiring process can be confusing. You spend hours online reading about various companies, scour through job descriptions, and fill out numerous applications. It’s not an even playing field – you feel powerless, and you should! 

Online applications and resume submissions have streamlined the hiring process for the employer, making it easier to attract applicants and comb through the “good ones”. However, if you’re on the other end, it’s “click submit and cross your fingers,” and hope you get some sort of response. 

You may be wondering, “if I apply at Punch Through, am I going to go through this relentless process?” No. Punch Through treats humans like humans. We genuinely care about people and aim to remove unwanted anxiety and break down our hiring process, so you know what happens after you click “Apply Now.”

Punch Through Hiring Process Stages

Application – Click, Submit, and Good Luck!

Punch Through’s current job openings and descriptions are on our website. On the Careers Page, you’ll learn about the company, people, what it’s like to work at Punch Through. You may notice that several positions state the required years of experience. Titles aren’t relevant (they’re just stiff constructs of a normative society that says you can only be one thing at a time). The years of experience are necessary to jump into a multitude of projects right away. 

The application is pretty straightforward, and our application process helps us get to know your human side. If you find an exciting position, work through the application, and pay close attention to any questions that require a written response. 

Please note: our basecamp office is located in North Loop, Minneapolis, and unless you’re already located in the area, we don’t accept out-of-state applicants. If you’re relocating soon, please feel free to apply! 

We review every application and read through each one very carefully. Show us your real self. Answer the questions honestly and let your personality come through the written responses. While learning about you from your application, our next step is to reach out via email. If we want to learn more about you, a phone interview will be scheduled, and if your application journey stops here, we’ll still contact you. It’s not fair to keep you in limbo. Just know that it’s not a “no” forever, just for now. Everyone can continue to grow and learn.

Phone Interview – No Business Attire Required

The phone interview is really just a casual conversation and not an “interview” at all. During this phone call, we’ll tell you more about the position and company, and answer any questions you may have. This moves you from being an applicant on a piece of paper to an actual human being. We like humans.  

In-Person Interview – Let’s Get Technical

If after we’ve gotten to know each other, we’re ready to go to the next level in our (hiring) relationship, we’ll email you to meet in person. We’ll lock down date and time, and answer any questions you have and where the office is located.

Typically, our interviews last one to two hours (sometimes it goes longer…we can get chatty.) This is your chance to fill us in on your past work experience; what you liked, what you didn’t like, what you truly want out of a workplace, etc. This isn’t just two hours of us grilling you with our ears fine-tuned to buzzwords and specific phrases. The interview is split into two halves – the first is technical, to understand your knowledge and technical capabilities (i.e., Do you really know how to solve a technical bug? Are you knowledgeable about Python and Kotlin, and such?), while the second half looks for cultural fit. 

Our main goal during the in-person interview is to make sure that our company’s culture is always protected. We’ve created a rather neat environment that we feel can continuously be enhanced by unique individuals such as yourself.

Offer – When Can You Start?

First off, congratulations on making it through the Punch Through hiring process! Through it all, you have shown your true self, and prove to be a good fit in all facets of the job. If an offer feels right, you’ll receive an email for one more phone call – the job offer, expectations, and other details will be laid out. Once the offer outlined in the phone call is accepted, you’ll receive an official email offer letter, and lastly, we’ll decide on your start date. Welcome to the team!

Think you're a good fit?

So, there you have it; the Punch Through hiring process. We’re always in need of enthusiastic engineers looking to create positive change, and we think Punch Through is a pretty great place to make that happen.