The LightBlue Bean is a legacy product and is no longer being sold

The Bean loader apps will continue to function, but no further updates will be provided. Updates to your OS may change Bluetooth functionality and therefore may break the functionality of the Bean apps.

Hardware files are available here.

We're proud to have helped people prototype their products with the Bean, and for all the incredible things they've built. The Bean was an incredibly fun and challenging product to work on, and we will miss it..

Our goal at Punch Through is to help companies develop products. Our consulting services and software products have been growing so quickly that they require our full focus and attention. If you're developing a connected product, we'd love to help in any way possible.


Reprogram Malicious Sketch

The Problem

It is possible that a Sketch could prevent further uploads to the Bean. This is unlikely, and never intentional, but it can happen under the right circumstances or when using some advanced features of the Bean. However, it is possible to recover devices in this state. Theoretically, the recovery process can be done using any Loader app on any platform. Here is the high level process that is required to recover the Bean:

  1. Hold ATmega MCU in “reset” by connecting RST to GND using a jumper wire.
  2. Reboot the Bean
  3. Start the sketch upload process.
  4. Remove the jumper within a specific ~100ms window.
  5. Profit

This video shows how to do this using the OS X loader.

However, there is a MUCH easier way to do this that makes the timing way easier, using our CLI Loader…see the next section.

The CLI Loader provides an optional argument to the program_sketch command called --oops. This will pause the sketch upload progress and prompt the user for input to the console before continuing. This allows the user to press “enter” on the keyboard and remove the jumper “simultaneously” making the timing required much easier!


1bean program_sketch <sketchname> -n <beanname> --oops

Here is the prompt you will be looking for, when you see it, pull the jumper wire out of the Bean and press “enter” on your keyboard a split-second after (or at the same time should work).

CLI Oops