Current open positions

Mobile Developer

We are looking to hire a mobile developer to work on our internal projects as well as our consulting projects. You will maintain our suite of iOS Apps (LightBlue Explorer, Bean Loader) and/or Android Apps (Bean Loader for Android).


Develop LightBlue Explorer

  • Manage in-app announcements when we launch new products
  • Implement feature requests
  • Reach out to users to gather feedback and feature requests
  • Maintain analytics and suggest ways we can engage with our userbase
  • Track product KPIs

Develop Bean Loader

  • Track any crashes and submit bug fixes
  • Explore future features 
  • Track product KPIs

Work on client projects

  • Write quality code and have it reviewed by your peers
  • Interact with peers and review their code
  • You must be comfortable being the lead developer on client work

Skills and Qualifications

You should be proficient at either iOS or Android—preferably both.

Our ideal employees are versatile and have skills that overlap multiple layers. If you have a good foundation in other platforms as well as mobile, this is a plus.

You must be:

  • A quick learner.
  • Self motivated, self guided, and excited about what you do.
  • Open to feedback and comfortable giving constructive feedback.

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Firmware Engineer

We are looking to hire a firmware engineer to work on our internal projects as well as our consulting projects.


  • Define firmware specifications given high level feature requests.
  • Operate as the firmware lead on external consulting projects.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Experience with MCUs, peripherals, features, and development environments.
  • Experience with board bring-up and digital hardware.
  • Ability to design and integrate code into a shipping product.
  • Solid C coding abilities.
  • Strong electrical system and software debugging skills. 
  • Ability to read serial bus traces, board schematics, and use an oscilloscope and logic analyzer.
  • Experience with RTOS embedded development.

Our ideal employees are versatile and can handle overlap between two or more platforms. Knowledge of Bluetooth, proficiency in hardware design, or experience with other software platforms are pluses.

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