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Punch Through is a product development firm that specializes in the evolving world of connected product development. Building a smart-phone or IoT product requires knowledge of multiple systems, specifications, protocols, and operating systems. By understanding the whole system, we are able to create products that are reliable and dependable.

Selected Work

Our clients range from Fortune 500 companies to stealth startups. We help guide our customers decision making on the process of developing a connected product, including systems design and component selection, firmware and software development, and integration with a manufacturer.

Bluetooth Low Energy Experts

We have been building BLE products since 2011. Our team has an intimate knowledge of the Bluetooth specification and everything required to build, test, and certify a BLE device. We follow changing specifications, components, stacks, and smart-phone APIs to keep your product up to date and future-proof.

LightBlue Explorer

Trusted by 350,000 Developers

When the first BLE-enabled iPhone was released, we noticed that there was no easy way to debug BLE devices. We created LightBlue Explorer for ourselves and released it for free to the community. Today it has been downloaded over 350,000 times.

Building connected products since 2009

Building a smartphone-connected device requires expertise in multiple domains. Our team has expertise in every discipline to ensure your product is designed with the entire system in mind. We can help structure your product for success and help you avoid common pitfalls that occur when separate groups are only familiar with their one area of expertise.

Electrical Engineering

  • Schematic and PCB design in Altium Designer

  • Antenna design and certification

  • High speed design

  • Compliance testing

  • Ultra low power devices

  • Component selection 

  • Design for manufacturing

Bean+ Altium

Firmware Engineering

  • Development for extremely low-power MCUs

  • Wireless networking standards

  • Real-time operating systems

  • Experts in a variety of Bluetooth stacks

  • Implementing over the air firmware updates

  • Automated embedded testing

  • Signal processing and control systems

Chip Manufacturers

Software Engineering

  • Native iOS and Android development

  • Cross-platform development

  • Experience with Apple’s MFI program

  • Compliance testing

  • Experts in BLE APIs and quirks

  • App analytics

Bean Loader cross-platform

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