Post a Bean, Get a Free Bean

We love our Bean users. The Beantalk community is made of really smart people, and we always like seeing what you build with the LightBlue Bean and Bean+.

For a limited time, if you share any projects you build with Bean on social media, we'll send you a new LightBlue Bean for free!

Just follow these four steps:

  1. Post your Bean-powered project on and include LightBlue Bean in the Components and Supplies section.
  2. Post a link to your project on Facebook and tag us: Punch Through
  3. Post a link to your project on Twitter and tag us: @punchthrough
  4. Shoot us an email at with the links to your three posts.

Then we'll ship you a brand new Bean for you to use in another project. Don't forget to include your shipping address in the email!